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The world designed to kill you!
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Piatnitzkysaurus floresi Skeletal Diagram by Paleocolour Piatnitzkysaurus floresi Skeletal Diagram :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 82 5 Piatnitzkysaurus floresi Size Chart by Paleocolour Piatnitzkysaurus floresi Size Chart :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 71 2 Piatnitzkysaurus floresi by Paleocolour Piatnitzkysaurus floresi :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 130 7 Gasosaurus constructus by Paleocolour Gasosaurus constructus :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 182 14 Sundown by Paleocolour Sundown :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 157 6 Down at the Marsh by Paleocolour Down at the Marsh :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 136 8 Confrontation by Paleocolour Confrontation :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 140 8 Lazy Lakeshore by Paleocolour Lazy Lakeshore :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 123 8 Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis by Paleocolour Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 201 8 Skorpiovenator bustingorryi by Paleocolour Skorpiovenator bustingorryi :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 172 10 The Grapplers by Paleocolour The Grapplers :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 163 19 Jurassic Park - Then and Now by Paleocolour Jurassic Park - Then and Now :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 286 45 The Isle - Allosaurus - Greenhorn by Paleocolour The Isle - Allosaurus - Greenhorn :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 75 7 The Isle - Dryosaurus - Mottled (+Alts.) by Paleocolour The Isle - Dryosaurus - Mottled (+Alts.) :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 46 5 A Lookout by Paleocolour A Lookout :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 139 5 The Isle - Triceratops - Caramel by Paleocolour The Isle - Triceratops - Caramel :iconpaleocolour:Paleocolour 52 4
Check out my scraps for step-by-step pictures for many of my deviations.


updated sarcotherium by dibrangosaurus updated sarcotherium :icondibrangosaurus:dibrangosaurus 21 3 Rebbachisaurus skeletal by palaeozoologist Rebbachisaurus skeletal :iconpalaeozoologist:palaeozoologist 26 18 The old bull by Raph04art The old bull :iconraph04art:Raph04art 685 23 Allosaurus fragilis 2017 by DELIRIO88 Allosaurus fragilis 2017 :icondelirio88:DELIRIO88 144 25 wiehevenator sketch by spinosaurus1 wiehevenator sketch :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 98 5 Gualicho shinyae by spinosaurus1 Gualicho shinyae :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 69 8 inktober #1 Achillobator giganticus by spinosaurus1 inktober #1 Achillobator giganticus :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 104 22 Beishanglong depiction by spinosaurus1 Beishanglong depiction :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 47 7 Australovenator3 by spinosaurus1 Australovenator3 :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 89 6 Gaulachio by spinosaurus1 Gaulachio :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 71 10 Vigilante from Auca Mahuevo by Midiaou Vigilante from Auca Mahuevo :iconmidiaou:Midiaou 166 23 Aucasaurus WIP by Smnt2000 Aucasaurus WIP :iconsmnt2000:Smnt2000 11 0 AVOID the NOID by Poop-Hat AVOID the NOID :iconpoop-hat:Poop-Hat 24 4 Artificial Sharptooth by Poharex Artificial Sharptooth :iconpoharex:Poharex 68 20 'Last Virtues' | Masiakasaurus knopfleri by LythroA 'Last Virtues' | Masiakasaurus knopfleri :iconlythroa:LythroA 22 3 Utah's Grizzly Hawk by LythroA Utah's Grizzly Hawk :iconlythroa:LythroA 116 13


Very beautiful dragon design. The blue colouration outlines how unnatural and otherworldly it is, as there are very few blue carnivores...

Overall, a very lovely piece. You mention that you aren't satisfied with it, but in terms of colour and balancing I think this works wo...

This is a very unique character. Definitely shows off his personality without me knowing anything about his background or story. His ou...

This is really great! You've created an ambitious scene here with your dragon looking out over their territory and the dragons in the d...


Hello watchers!
I have been hired by The Isle Development Team to paint skins for their dinosaurs. They liked my fan-made skins and, with a suggestion from FabrizioDeRossi, they contacted me to work for them. Many thanks to you, Fabrizio!

The Isle is an open-world survival game where players choose from three factions in an attempt to survive a fierce island. It's one of the unique games where you get to play as the dinosaur instead of someone hunting a dinosaur. This game also aims to include many scientifically accurate dinosaur models, and will have a wide variety of dinosaurs. I definitely think it's worth checking out if you are interested in video games and have a passion for dinosaurs:…

I will be uploading the skins I create for The Isle to this Deviant Art account. Please check out this folder for the most up-to-date list of skins:…

If you would like a behind the scenes look at the skin progression, you can check in with The Isle skins Trello board here:…
And, occasionally, I will stream my progress on my Twitch channel here:

Thank you for your time!

Seeking dinosaur and paleo-lineart with permission to colour and shade and upload it to this Paleocolour account.

The goal of this Paleocolour account is to breathe colour and pattern into the often dully portrayed paleo-art seen in popular media. It also aims to colour some of the extensive art found here on Deviant art. Images will be coloured using completely hypothetical, yet plausible patterns unless evidence of colouration has been found for that individual species.

Paleocolour will occasionally upload completely original drawings and colourations to this account, and these images are completely within the copyright of this account owner. All other images will retain their original lineart ownership. See the Copyright Notice below for more information.

Looking for:

Example2 by Paleocolour

[Figure 1 - Example of imagery. Top: rough paper lines that interfere with the drawing outline, very dark shading, low resolution, this is a poor image. Bottom: clean, white background with clear outlines and scales, this is an ideal image.]

When submitting art, please provide a link to a high-resolution image or scan of your lineart. The larger the better. Best results come from images larger than 2000x2000. All images must be scientifically accurate the the greatest of your ability and the current knowledge of the animal.

Copyright Notice:

All coloured images will be uploaded to the Paleocolour account, but full credit will be given to the original lineartist in the description of the image. It will be made very clear, and a link will be provided to the deviation from where the original lineart was derived from if available. The images coloured by Paleocolour will not be used for sale or monetary gain, and the images will not be available for sale by the original lineartist. Images are solely to be viewed as scientifically accurate, coloured reconstructions of animals that can be freely viewed on the web.

If you do not agree to the terms above, kindly do not request your art to be coloured.

How To Submit:

Be sure you agree and understand the terms above, first.

Either send this account a Note, or comment on this journal or Paleocolours userpage.

With your request, please include:

:bulletgreen: A link to the high-resolution lineart you wish to see coloured.
:bulletgreen: Colours and patterns you would like to see on the animal (including image references if needed).
:bulletgreen: The name and species of the animal, and any other information you believe is important.

Thank you for your time.


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PrehistoricBalloon Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
thedinorocker Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
Hi paleocolor, do you ever plan to vive colors to "saurian good of war" by FredTheDinosaurMan?
is a fantastic pièce of paleoart in black&white
Paleocolour Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi thedinorocker,
Do you think you could link me to the piece you're talking about?
Da5Bells Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016  Hobbyist
Hello! I was wondering if there was any way I could get the lineart for the Isle? I saw that you can ask for it on discord, but I don't have discord nor do I want to get it, because I don't really want to talk online.
Paleocolour Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello Da5Bells.
Here is a download link:
Please let me know if you need anything else.
Da5Bells Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist
Thanks so much! Is there lineart for any other dinosaurs?
Da5Bells Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist
To be more specific, I noticed that Dryosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Juvenile T.Rex, and Subadult T.Rex weren't in there. I also thought that Giganotosaurus, Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus had lineart because I've seen some art of those. Thanks again for all your help!
(1 Reply)
DovahkiinHU3BR Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016
Please tell me that both Spinosaurus models in The Isle will be bipedal
FearfulTrickster Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nevermind, I found what I was looking for. Sorry to bother you!
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